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We know how to maximize your store's online profits: we've been developing awesome profitable online retail web sites for 17 years! Our e-commerce solutions begin with a great piece of software that WE OWN called Estore-edge is our content management system and e-store manager that gives your business the ability to receive and process orders online, add/edit/delete products, add/edit/delete all web page content, update shipping and inventory, allow customers to log-in and check orders, and much more. Our Content Management System empowers your retail business with total control of your online e-Commerce web site, providing you with the freedom to make content changes to your home page, post news update in a press release area or a blog, or upload photos to your product database.

Manage your online retail site with Estore-Edge from Business Edge

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Estore-Edge is an all-in-one online retail e-commerce solution which gives online retail store operators everything they need to run their stores effectively, helping you to concentrate on more vital business issues, and leaving the technical part of the web site to us.

Estore-Edge includes Product management, customer management, order management, shipping management, secure ordering, inventory management, and much more.

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What sets Estore-Edge apart from other e-commerce suites? Our customization. Your Estore should not look like every other other e-commerce site. Every client has a different way of selling, a different way of marketing, and a different combination of products and customer service. If every Estore was the same, customers would not see the uniqueness of your products, which is most likely the main reason you have been successful. Offering this level of customization gives you the ability to set your store apart from others.

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